Tuesday, October 6, 2009

African American Hair Care..seeking body and shine?

My hair rests right above my shoulders (bob-like style with very slight layering). My natural hair type is 4A, but I get relaxer touch-up every 10 to 12 weeks.

My hair care regimen is as follows:

- Wash/condition once wkly (religiously!!!). On average, I go to the salon weekly, but I have to wash myself when my stylist is not available.

- Rollerwrap for styling

- Wrap in silk scarf nightly

- If I need a little moisturizer, I use Jane Carter Solution Nourish %26amp; Shine. (I HATE greasy hair!!!)

My problem is that when I wash my hair at home, although I have body, it is very dry and dull looking. I cannot duplicate the shine I get from the salon. I use salon recommended shampoo/conditioner. I sit under my hooded dryer (when I have to wash it myself) and run a ceramic iron thru it mabye a 3 - 4 times a month. So I do not think I am using too much heat or doing anything damaging.

Any suggestions/feedback on how to obtain shiny, healthy hair at home?

African American Hair Care..seeking body and shine?

Make sure you are using a good heat protectant (I like Redken heat glide or Aveda Brilliant universal style cream) Try not to use cone based products, these seem to work after the first few times you use them, but in reality the cones are zaping moisture from your hair, as all cones do is sit on the top layer of hair they dont penetrate the hair shaft, this is what gives hair the dry look overtime. Rollersets are pretty and in some instances better than flatironing the hair.

. Bounce, body, and sheen!

Heat protectants seal in the moisture to your hair. Use them when blowdrying and again when flat ironing.

African American Hair Care..seeking body and shine?

Doo Gro Triples Strenght Anti-Brekage Growth Lotion is great it helps promotes strong,healthy,growing hair.Helps protect hair from the damaging effects of heated appliance while leaving hair with beautiful softness giving it natural shine.

African American Hair Care..seeking body and shine?

ok same here i hate greassy hair too,i have voulme and body and shine ok this is what i do and use

i wash my hair once a week: i use

tresemme moisture rich set/shampoo %26amp; condiniter

tresemme heat tamer to help with flat rion (the best)

and i use pantene sheer voulme hairspray i can get up to 5

in in height with this hairspray

garnier glossing spray to give my carzy shine!! xx

and ganier hairsprays as well

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